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Why do a guitar making course in the Garden Route ?

DSCF9143Many people have never had the experience of making or creating anything substantial with their hands .They have not experienced that fantastic, fulfilling feeling that is derived from this. If you have, then you will understand what I mean. When you construct something from a raw material into a finished article, something of significance, you get a tremendous intrinsic satisfaction that initially involves only you. Every time I complete an instrument, I have a moment when I hold it and almost cannot believe that I have just created a beautiful musical instrument. It always feels like a special gift.

I have decided to give those who would like to experience this, the opportunity to achieve this by making their own handmade guitar. I have, over the past few years, designed a course that will give people of various skill levels the opportunity to come and make their own handmade guitar from scratch - even if you have never done any woodwork before! There will be a maximum of three people per course

It is 16 comprehensive days, filled with many new experiences, new techniques, new ideas, where you will, for just over 2 weeks, be focused on only one task.

The day that first string is strummed on your own guitar that you have become intimate with, is not only exciting, stimulating,but thrillingly satisfying as well. As you get ready to go to sleep on the evening that you finish, you will be thinking about what you have just made. In the morning, before you do anything else, you will open the case and look again at what you have just created. This, is like buying a ticket to watch an event, or being a participant and earning the medal.

The best sound you will ever hear, is good music being played on a guitar that has been hand made by you!