Business Opportunity / Careers

Business and Career Opportunity

  • Acquire a life skill - Have your own business making quality, handmade guitars.
  • The skill will also enable you to do all, as well as intricate repairs with a high degree of confidence.

What does the business entail?

  • You learn to make guitars to be able to sell handmade instruments to order.
  • To learn how to select wood that is used for handmade instruments - theory and practical at timber yard.
  • How to make your own components as well as source hardware.

How do you learn this and what does this opportunity offer?

  • You will attend a 3 month workshop to learn the dynamics of guitars - how and why they work and how they are made.
  • You will learn and make a variation of 3 guitars that you will be able to offer initially.
  • You will be supplied with all the machinery and tools to run these courses.
  • You will learn how to use and maintain all the machinery that you will be supplied.
  • You will learn to make all the jigs and templates needed to construct the 3 guitars the course offers.
  • You will learn, how you alone, can run this business without having the overhead of extra staff.
  • You will be shown how to lay out your workshop to be efficient in as little as 36sqm - 40 sqm.
  • This opportunity will enable you to be able to make instruments to sell as well as do repairs on guitars.
  • The business has a very high margin on input of materials per guitar.
  • To avoid the extra cost of renting your work space, this business could be run from a home workshop.