• Tony

Hi Luigi,

I really cannot add any more to this testimonial than has already been said in previous testimonials. There're all true! Since the age of 12 or 13 I have dreamt of making my own guitar. Now some 50 odd years later, that childhood dream has been fulfilled. Thanks to Luigi's courseand his expert guidance and knowledge.

"Fantastic Course." "Fantastic Guys." "Incredible Instruction." "Unbelievable Guitar."

Although I may comment on the finished instrument itself:I have now been home six days, since the course, and I've already clocked upabout 30 playing hours on my new instrument. I now have a good feel for it. and I cannot fault it in anyway. An incredible Instrument. To think I made it myself,under Luigi's guidance. Whow!20170316_141403

The finished instrument, (I chose the classical). not only has a beautiful finish but also sounds incredible with plenty of top end treble. Luigi gave me a choice with the soundboard bracing and I chose the one that enhances the treble, and it really seems to work well. We also had a choice on the sound hole rosettes designs and the binding veneers and of course you choose and design your own headstock logo. The neck is much slenderer than on a normal classical and I was able to shimmer away a little more on the bottom side of the neck this makes it easier to get around the neck. The action is excellent all the way down the fret board.

I had a choice between cedar and spruce on the soundboard timber, I chose spruce which has given the guitar fantastic sustain. All in all a fantastic guitar. What more can I say except, THANK YOU LUIGI for making all this possible.

If you have anybody in the Cape Town area who is interested in one of your courses they are welcome to come and view my guitar and see what they will be making for themselves.

Best Regards



  • Ray

Building a guitar under the guidance of Master Craftsman Luigi Marucchi is an experience you'll keep for a lifetime. No questions go unanswered as you work day to day through a thoroughly worked out curriculum, that ensures you will walk away with a breathtaking build at the end of two and a half weeks.20170316_125258

Luigi is a truly great Teacher saturated in the passion of instrument building, and it really does rub off on you. He creates a professional work environment with absolute ease, so all YOU need to focus on is building your dream guitar!

I hope you're doing well Luigi. Please send my sincerest regards to Debbie! Thank you again for all and everything you have done.

You will see me again.

Kind regards,



  • Marcello

What a fantastic experience to see an object of beauty and perfection come to life in front of your very eyes - one day at a timea just like ancient magic!

Thank you Luigi for this wonderful trip into the pasta back to a time when instruments were only made by hand using all natural materials, patience and skill. To have been exposed to these age-old proven methods & techniques, were simply mesmerizing and unforgettable.DSCF9766

Two thirds into the course, it already became difficult to imagine how one actually arrived at that juncturea from a mere arbitrary pile of wood you held on day one. But then the final day comesa and you marvel in disbelief at the piece of art in your hands... with enormous satisfaction and pride. And then of course comes the cherry on topa this said piece of art was indeed capable of also producing a most beautiful sound!

Thank you Luigi for this amazing opportunity, your fine teaching methods and endless patience. Also, not forgetting Debbie's role in this all the wonderful lunches, beverages, and treats when we needed it most!

Speaking for myself, it really was a profoundly rewarding and educational experience - a definitive spiritual journey of sortsa -

My heartfelt gratitude to you both. Grazie mille!




  • Werner C

Dear Luigi

By doing your guitar making course over the past three weeks I have completed one of my bucket list items. Building my own guitar has been a dream of mine ever since the instrument captured my imagination at a very young age. What I have learned over the past three weeks have surpassed my expectations and gave me a new found respect for the multitude of skills required to build a guitar. Tuning my guitar today for the first time was surreal. Do not forget that I failed wood working at school!!20160408_112048

The following things really stood out for me:

  1. The well thought out structure of the course.

The level of planning and attention to detail that went into the design of the course is evident. Every step was explained very well, even how to use the machines and tools in a safe way. You truly do not need wood working skills to do the course, just a willingness to learn the skills along the way.

  1. The fact that we did not just assemble a kit.

It was great to get my hands dirty, fingers bloody (my own fault) and clothes dirty. I can truly say that I have built this guitar!!

  1. Your patience and guidance.

Your knowledge of guitar making is truly exceptional. Whilst sharing your knowledge you also treated me with respect and kindness at all times. Never once did you become impatient with all my questions and silly mistakes. Thanks for fixing my botches and rescuing my instrument numerous times from my over sanding, skew sawing, wrong measurements and crooked filing.

  1. The lunches and tea breaks. Those sweet cookies should be illegal!! Tell Debbie it was amazing.

I will recommend this course to anyone interested in building their own guitar. I can also assure you that I did not build a trophy guitar that will live in a case or on a wall. This one will work hard in both the studio and on stage as I record and perform our next album and beyond. Yes, it is that good!!


  • Zane E

Dear Luigi,


The dreadnought I completed on your course last week is absolutely stunning. Even my wife is impressed. She calls it the new blonde in my life! The highly polished (and I need to stress sanded) spruce finish make it stand out amongst my motley collection of battle scarred and yellowed instruments.DSCF8587

Friends and family who followed the progress of the guitar on Facebook were in awe. Not only with the steady development of the guitar, but by the fact that those who know me, also know that I am a bumbling, ham-fisted clumsy dolt that should not be allowed into a workshop. The fact is that your guidance and support throughout the process was outstanding. I am really very grateful for the patience you displayed when I erred, (ever so slightly).

The course has meant more to me than just the guitar, I have a new respect for craftsmen like yourself. The learning curve was steep and covered music, guitar construction, Jack Russells , the safe use of hand tools and...patience.

Many thanks for the tremendous experience and may you look forward to the creation of many more masterpieces in your workshop.

Kind regards,



  • Ivan J

Dear Luigi,

My day at office after the course was very mystifying indeed, perhaps somewhat surreal. My own professional world appeared rather fast, hard and oh! just so far removed from the more gracious environment on Bokmakkerie Street.I enjoyed an unprecedented level of gustasa experiential delight working with Spruce, Indian Rosewood and Honduras Mahogany. I loved the taste of those two weeks, in Eden and I am filled with appreciation.

My impressions of the course remain complimentary as indicated to you before I left George on Sunday 11th October 2015.20151010_120626 The very clever use of self-designed jigs as well as the judicious use of power tools allows for devising a course programme which caters for experienced woodworkers as well as novices. A course like this by nature of its development calls for thoughtfully designing the necessary supporting aids and many hours of testing them to provide solutions a fit for purposea. I believe you have achieved this with flourish. I noticed the changes on apparatus in hand when I spotted the difference on 1 or 2 other similar but abandoned aids, which really means and speaks of your ongoing attention and improvement to the course apparatus.

All of the above, together with your methodical adherence to the course programme ensures the timeous construction of a good instrument as a finished product. I firmly believe that your course will evolve and improve even more with time and I encourage you to persue this with the dedication and enthusiasm you showed during my stint with you.

May your work continue to strive for excellence and prosper.

Yours sincerely,



  • Janine L

A guitar, bought at the neighbourhood garage sale - R1,000.

A guitar, from the fancy music shop at the mallĀ  - R10,000.

A guitar, self-made, under Luigia's expert guidance - priceless!!DSCF4308


It's hard to find words to describe the excitement I felt, the sheer joy at seeing, feeling and playing a guitar created with my own hands.

Luigi, none of this would have been possible without your knowledge, skill and enthusiasm. I am so grateful to you, not only for a life-enriching experience, but also for making it possible for me to honour my mother in this unique way.



  • Shayne A

Making this guitar has been the most amazing experience. Starting with only a few planks of wood and ending with a guitar that is rich in tone and looks absolutely beautiful. Thank you Luigi for your patience and outstanding teaching skills. Your knowledge and teachings have opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities.DSCF4278 All the hours of sanding and cleaning glue have paid off with an instrument far better than what I could have wished for. Seeing my handiwork come together is the most rewarding thing I have ever done, shaping my guitars neck to perfection was the crowning point off our success together in making a majestic guitar that feels perfect while playing.

With every note I've played since the final setup my guitar has only improved with sound and feel and I know that it will be cherished for many years to come. Thank you Luigi for helping me create this work of art.




  • Marius H

To a true Craftsman:

What an awesome experience!!

This is something that will stay with me for a very long time indeed and I am sure so will my newly handmade guitar.

Thank you not only for the opportunity and guidance to craft my very own instrument, but also for sharing your vast knowledge on a trade you can most certainly call yourself a Master of! I was truly impressed by your skill and clever techniques to fix and rectify even the smallest issues throughout the duration of the buildDSCF3053

The course as a whole was the perfect balance between theoretic teacher-student education, hands-on grafting and of course having fun and sharing jokes.

Above all I want to thank you for your understanding and accommodating nature during my numerous postponements in attending the course until I was finally able to make it!

Your attitude towards your students as well as your passion for making instruments really is something to admire.

Thank you again Debbie for all the lunches and tea-break treats and for opening your beautiful home to us. You made the experience that much more memorable with your kindness.

With your character, drive and passion you are bound to make a huge success of your venture Luigi. Best of luck and blessings to you and your family.

Kindest regards,




  • Dr. Chris P

I started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and for as long as I can remember I have dreamed of building my own instrument. I am now 67 years old and that dream would never have been realized if it were not for someone like Luigi. You see, before coming on the Guitar Making course I knew nothing of guitar building and had absolutely no woodworking skills. Yet just two weeks after day one I have a beautiful hand crafted classical guitar... plus a huge appreciation for guitar construction as well as many new skills.DSCF1783

Luigi is a master craftsman and an excellent teacher. He skillfully and patiently coached me through the entire process and the results were far beyond what I could have imagined possible. The vital elements of this luthier alchemy are (1) meticulous preparation of every step in the construction process - Luigi has a jig, or mould, or tool for everything; (2) Close personal attention to each person on the course and an ability to know just how much help to give when it is needed; (3) A well planned process where each day contains both challenges and highlights; (4) Ability and the experience needed to fix mistakes and rescue situations from seeming disaster,

I would recommend the course to anyone, of any age and skill level, who is prepared to work 10 hours every day for 16 days and who has a genuine commitment to excellence. I found it very challenging and therefore very rewarding. And hey, if a 67 year old man with no woodworking skills and arthritic hands can produce a great guitar then anyone can.



  • David E

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of making such a fine guitar. Your instructions and guidance were as always, top class. It was great to once again work with you. I have truly missed your positive encouragement and great attitude. You are really a great luthier. This is the first time in years that I have been able to use my woodwork skills again and has been a highlight of my life to work with you again. DSCF1879

Thank you and may you have every success with this venture - Anyone is able to make a quality guitar under your guidance. Thanks to Debbie as well for the kind hospitality and great meals. I felt welcome and at home.

All the best



  • Gert S

Dear Luigi,

Never a dull moment! I really enjoyed every second of the course. The high standards you set in measuring, handling of tools and all the processes to ensure a wonderful end finish, was an eye opener to me. I was inspired with the jigs we used and will continue to wonder how much time it must have taken to design and build all of them.DSCF1904

Dankie vir jou geduld en inspirasie. Die kursus was n belewins wat my altyd sal by bly. Elke keer wat ek die produk van die kursus, n pragtige kitaar, gaan optel, sale k terug dink aan veertien wonderluke dae by Bokmakierie 21.

Langenhoven het gese: een swaeltjie maak nie n somer nie. Debbie se vriendelike ondersteuning het nie ongesiens verby gegaan nie.

As ek weet wat ek vandag weet, het ek die kitaar Luigi gedoop.

Beste Groete




  • Peter HDSCF1772

I was fortunate enough to have spent a couple of wonderful weeks making what is considered by good musicians to be a great guitar. When I heard that Luigi Marucchi was offering this course through Guitar Making I jumped at opportunity to do it. When I mention in passing to friends and acquaintances that I had made a guitar they would scoff at me say things like 'yeah sure'. Then I haul out the instrument and show them. The incredulous look on their faces as they come to believe the story is priceless. Frankly, I didn't believe I could do it either.

Luigi is highly skilled in the art of woodwork. Not only did he take me through the guitar making process step by step, but he is also an excellent violin maker. I was a complete novice in making and moulding of wood and the learning process was a joy. We worked hard, and sometimes I wondered why we could not use a machine to sand for example. But once the instrument was completed I understood and I was extremely proud (and protective) of the result. If anyone out there has an opportunity to do this I can highly recommend it, even if in doubt of your abilities. Luigi is a great teacher and is also a wonderful, fun and caring person.




  • Charles B

Maestro, Luthier of distinction and friend.

Thank you for an incredible experience, which extended from guitar making, to coffee, to comrades in arms, to table saws, to lathes, to computers.......and after all this a beautiful guitar emerges.

The whole experience reminds me of the book "Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance". It's about chiselling the issues and components of guitar making and life and fully engaging in the present.

I admire your patience and set of skills to guide Johan, Larry and myself through the intricacies of woodworking. Also, I appreciate your selflessness in giving up an extra week of your own and your family's time to accommodate my "extra" week.DSCF0898

Many thanks Luigi, Debbie and family for a real life transformation. Who would ever forget this!

Yours in strumming and friendships.





  • Larry F

Dear Luigi

Where to begin..? WOW, what a wonderful experience. This adventure started by looking at a few different opportunities to gain exposure to the art of luthiery-guitar making. Everthing else I looked at seemed to need much more time at a much higher price.DSCF0551 When I found out about Luigi's course the picture came together perfectly. First a short intensive 16 day period, second a do-able price, third an environment on the garden route which is truly beautiful. Add to this formula a true craftsman who has shown me a completely new level of accuracy and an uncompromising attitude to quality, with an unprecedented patience and willingness to share experience and time from Luigi. What a great formula! Luigi assured me that no pre skills are required this is true and will not effect the quality of the instrument in the least. With his guidance all of this is doable and the result is extremely, extremely good. All in all a great wonderful challenging rewarding intense experience. Go for it!!

Thank you Luigi!


  • Tammi F
I am extremely impressed with the depth of your experience, the quality of your teaching, your willingness to share your... experience and your love for the art of luthiery. The process was a phenomenal one and the end product gets 100% - Larrys grand concert is truly magnificent and unique and very easy to listen to.



  • Prof. Johan V

Dear Luigi,

I've been back at work for a few weeks now and have been showing my guitar to everyone who looks even mildly interested in seeing it. Words are not adequate to express how proud I am of the instrument I've build under your guidance. I've never doubted that I'll be able to build a playable guitar. However, even in my wildest dreams I never expected to build a guitar that is this beautiful and also has such perfect sound, and playability, qualities. Almost no-one who has seen my guitar can believe that it was build by me. The quality of the joints, inlay work, and finishes is so flawless that many people refuse to believe that it was not done entirely by some machine!DSCF0547

My guitar teacher, who himself has a Doctorate in guitar, has been full of praise for the instrument and immediately commented on how perfect the intonation, and how well balanced the sound, is.

This course has opened a whole new world for me. I've always believed that I'd never be a true craftsman when it comes to more practical things. I've never been afraid to make things, but simultaneously expected the things I make to be functional (sometimes) but not necessarily beautiful. I can honestly say that you have taught me to believe in my own ability to create what can only be described as a work of art, and thereby you have increased my horizons infinitely. I now know that things I make in my workshop does not need to look as if an "IT guy" made it.

Thank you for a fantastic course. This was one of the few times in my life where I spend money on something that actually left me richer. I plan to return as soon as circumstances permit to make another guitar with you.

Kind regards



  • Lorraine M

It is with great pride that I gaze lovingly upon my recently finished Classical Guitar. This guitar making course is a true adventure and with Luigi at your side you grow in confidence as he meticulously and skillfully guides you through the course. On Day one you start off with approx. 6 selected pieces of wood and like magic they materialise into a beautiful hand made guitar. I cannot speak highly enough about the course or the courteous and patient Luigi. How very fortunate to have a Craftsman of his calibre who is so willing to share his skills with others. Thank you Luigi you are indeed a 'special person' and ever so easy to work with.......14 of the most pleasurable days I have had for many a year.DSCF8028

Thank you Luigi it was a great course, a great experience and the photographs will keep alive the memories of these past 2 weeks...not to mention the guitar which I can feast my eyes on 24/7 and know its mine to have and to hold and hopefully do full justice to it by learning to play it.

kind regards,




  • Toni M

Dear Dad

Making my own Guitar was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Having no wood work skills to begin with, I thought I would never be able to make my very own handmade acoustic guitar that was personalised just for me, from just a few pieces of wood.DSCF1327

When I had the opportunity to do this course, I was very excited for the challenge that was before me.

Dad, without your ability to make tasks and skills not only seem, but to actually be do-able, I would not have been able to make the beautiful guitar I did. You taught me so much about the tools and machinery that I am now comfortable in the workshop any workshop.

I also learnt a lot about myself during the course. I achieved something I never thought I could ever do. I gained a wide set of new skills and I proved to myself and others that it can be done!

Yes, there was a fair bit of sanding and situations that tested my sense of humour but the end result and the first strum made it all absolutely worth it.

Thank you for one of the greatest experiences and opportunities I have experienced and accomplished in my life so far!

Love Toni


  • Nick M

Thank you very much for the amazing experience and opportunity to be able to be taught to make a guitar by youDSCF1073. Your expertise, patience and skill are something to admire and aspire to. It made the course fun, professional and a joy to do.

I look forward to making another one sometime in the future and am sure that others who have done the course will want to as well, because it was such an awesome experience.

Good luck, I trust it will become all you wish it to be.

Nick M


  • Dave B

Hi Luigi

Thank you and Debbie for the warm hospitality you provided during my stay in George.Luigi I really enjoyed every moment of theDSCF4684 course, even the tense, exciting moments which you calmly guided me through.The end result is a guitar that I am proud to have built and one which is rewarding to play. Through your knowledge, choice of excellent materials and well equipped workshop you have enabled me to realize a dream and have a lot of laughs and fun along the way.

Kind regards



  • CarolineAW

To Luigi

Who taught Paul how to make a beautiful guitar and taught Paul how to smile again.

Thank youDSC_8338

Who gave Paul and max a shared experience and music in their souls as well as in their fingertips.

Thank you



  • Max W

Best sanding course ever!

Had one of the most amazing experience, thought we'd never do itDSCF7205 as well as we did. Luigi you are a true master craftsman and it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for helping us achieve this amazing experience memories we'll have for a lifetime and a beautiful guitar to match.