Course Details


Guitar Making - The Course

Many people have never had the experience of making or creating anything substantial with their hands - they have not experienced that wonderful feeling that is derived from this. If you have, then you will understand what I mean. When you construct something from a raw material into a finished article, something of significance, you get a tremendous intrinsic satisfaction that initially involves only you. Every time I complete an instrument, I have a moment when I hold it and almost cannot believe that I have just created a beautiful musical instrument. It always feels like a special gift.


The objective of this course is to give the opportunity to someone who would like to make an acoustic guitar. The reasons for wanting to do this may vary, but this course has been structured to give people with various skill levels the opportunity to achieve the satisfaction of building their own acoustic guitar which if done well could have a value of anywhere between R30000.00 to R35000.00.

What will we be making?

We will be making an acoustic guitar from scratch. The course will offer a choice of three different types:-

  • ¬†Grand Concert - This shape having more curve in the centre bout, is more responsive to a lighter touch and is well suited to home recording. It is generally a good all rounder, fitting into any mix.
  • Dreadnaught - This shape traditionally has a larger sound box and usually produces a more assertive sound. It is normally the choice for the more traditional player.
  • Classical Nylon String

The Duration

The course will be 16 full days in the workshop, where from the humble beginnings of the raw wood, you will build an acoustic guitar each step guided and explained to allow you to complete a quality instrument.

The Wood

The wood used will be traditionally some of the best tone woods used in guitar making. The soundboard will be made of Spruce, the back and sides will be Indian Rosewood and the neck will be made of Mahogany.

The Finish


The finish will be Nitrocellulose, which will result in a semi-gloss satin finish with a warm luster. You will learn how to apply this finish and will be able to repeat it in any environment, even in a small low-tech home workshop.

The Components

The components you will be fitting to complete the guitar will be high quality. The tuners are Grover with an 18:1 ratio, the strings will be Elixir Nanoweb and the nut and saddle will be bone. These quality components add a well rounded finish to your new hand made instrument.


Things to know about the course

  • Three people maximum per course.
  • You will be making the guitar.
  • No pre-prepared kits are used.
  • Woodworking skills and working with machines are advantageous, but not absolutely necessary.
  • You do not have to bring anything , all tools and materials will be supplied.
  • You will be guided with certain tool techniques, tool sharpening and machine operation if required.
  • Course includes all timbers/tonewoods, strings, machine heads, nut and saddle, personalised name on headstock, side dots, bindings, sound hole inlays and truss rod. A hard case can be purchased/ordered for your completed instrument.

A copy of the pictures taken of you for the duration of the course will be copied on to your computer, tablet or flash drive