Sanding or drilling Abelone


Grinding your own or bought abalone can be harmful and precautions should be taken.

Abalone 1Nowhere is it mentioned that the dust from abalone shells is TOXIC and the only safety instructions were to wear a mask and do the grinding outdoors

This is from wikipedia The dust created through the grinding and cutting of abalone shell is dangerous; appropriate safeguards should be taken to protect a person from inhaling these particles.

Abalone 2





A dust respirator that is NIOSH-approved N95, made for fine particles, using a ventilation system and wet grinding are requirements to working the shell safely. The calcium carbonate is a respiratory irritant and the particles can penetrate into the lower respiratory tree and cause irritant bronchitis and other respiratory irritation responses. The usual symptoms are cough and sputum production, and secondary infections can occur. If there are proteins left in the shell matrix, it is also possible that they can trigger an allergic (asthmatic) attack. In general, the more someone is exposed to something that triggers their asthma reaction, the larger the reaction. Allergic skin reactions can also occur.

Abalne 3

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